This blog addresses five of the most common Product Information Management Myths

PIM Companies often talk about a 'Single Source of Truth' for your product data, but what is it and how does OneTimePIM set itself apart?

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Product Information Management Systems aggregate all of your product data in one singular location. This blog details the types of data stored in a PIM.

Some functionalities of an ERP system crossover with a PIM system. However, they are quite different and serve different purposes for the business.

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In this blog, we explore why Excel is not the best tool for managing product data, and why a PIM system is a superior solution. We dive into the key limitations of Excel, including difficulty in tracking changes, manual distribution, lack of validation rules, inability to store media assets, limited filtering capabilities, and more.

We have recently added a new powerful type of attribute called a "Computed Attribute". These new attributes allow you to dynamically determine the value of the attributes based on a formula (just like Excel formulas).

For 25 years we have managed product data for manufacturers but find out why OneTimePIM is perfect for retail product data management too!

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Product data can often be an issue for manufacturers, especially with large amounts of products. PIM systems help these companies solve their data problems.

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