Completion Tracking

Manage the data that is most important for your company

  • Tick whether you would like different attributes to be included in a “Completion %” for each product.
  • Spot which products are lacking data that is deemed essential to have populated.
  • Navigate to products with missing data and blank attributes.
  • Choose to not allow the publishing of products that are not 100% complete.

When adding attributes to a family you can select whether you would like each attribute to be included in the completion calculation or not.

Each product then has its own completion percentage which can be seen on the list view or within each product page. This gives you an idea of how much essential data is filled in for each product. You can choose to only show incomplete products to make it easy to filter out products with missing data, or you can enter a percentage completion to show products that fall under that percentage.

Within the product inspector, you can sort attributes by blank or populated, and choose to only view attributes that are included in completion. This makes it easy to see important data that is missing for any product.