ETIM product classification

Comply with international classifications to please customers and clients alike

  • OneTimePIM has carried out ETIM work for a number of our clients and we are very experienced with the classification.

Keeping up with the growing list of product information classifications such as ETIM can be difficult, so we built them directly into OneTimePIM. The template is there, just fill in the required details and have the classifications ready to send customers at any time. Clients love trading with businesses that provide information in a layout they're familiar with.

The abbreviation ETIM stands for European Technical Information Model, but it's rapidly becoming a worldwide standard, now used in 21 different countries including the USA, Germany, France and the UK.

ETIM is an international classification template, which stores product information in the same format for manufacturers, contractors and wholesalers. Basically, it's making sure different manufacturers data is all laid out the same way, so it's easier for everyone further down the supply chain to understand and reduces the chances of a mistake or miscommunication.

For more information about ETIM International and the classification tool, visit their website.