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Easily manage your media assets next to the products they are assigned to

Our gallery view feature allows you to easily browse the image files and documents associated with each product in a simple spreadsheet layout. Quickly spot any gaps, copy and paste images between products, and delete out of date images. Gallery view lets you see the media assets next to the product they are assigned to. This makes managing these images much easier.

Within the gallery view, users can directly add media into the PIM straight into their desired products easily by clicking the image button highlighted below. These will then exist within our Digital Asset Management System and can be resized or reformatted automatically for any purpose. Each product only requires one version of each image, and our PIM will manage it for any website or catalogue it is needed for. Finally, just like the list or grid view, the gallery view can also be filtered by attributes, categories, tags and status. Managing your products media has never been easier.

Gallery View

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