Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is PIM?

    A Product Information Management system is software designed to store all of a company’s products and the bits of data associated with them, then distribute that information anywhere that it is needed. For more detail, check out our “What is PIM?” page.

  • Is it hosted on the Cloud?

    Yes. It is hosted on Microsoft Azure which means it is extremely reliable and has the potential for unlimited scalability. It also means we can retrieve a backup from any moment in time in the last 2 weeks.

  • Do view-only users count in the pricing structure?

    No. We only charge for users who edit the data. We don’t charge extra for people who are simply accessing it.

  • Is there a risk of modified data appearing on my website?

    No. You can set the connectors/API exports up in such a way so that only ‘published’ data is transferred to your website. This means you can make edits to your product data knowing that your website won’t be updated until these edits are fully ready and you publish them.

  • Can we speak to a client of yours to talk about their experiences with OneTimePIM?

    Yes, of course. We are proud of the work we do and we uphold ourselves to very high standards of customer care. For this reason, we would be happy to let you talk to existing clients about their experiences.

  • Is there a minimum period/what is the withdrawal procedure?

    We do ask for a minimum of one year’s contract, paid monthly or annually. This is because it takes a lot of commitment from our end to work with your organisation to ensure the PIM is set up perfectly and works well for your company. We believe that by giving us the time to work with you to ensure you maximise the PIM’s potential, you will stay as a customer because it will be so beneficial to your business. However, you do own of the data and if you do decide to stop after the initial year, we just ask for a month’s notice.

  • Can you tell us about your company?

    In short, Electrika is a software company that has been running since 1996. Electrika provides free estimating tools to electrical contractors and works with some of the biggest names in the electrical industry to handle their product data. It was through this experience that we decided to build a more general use PIM system that could be used by manufacturers and retailers alike, and thus, OneTimePIM was built from the ground up.

  • Can you handle ETIM classification?

    Yes. We can and have done work with companies to manage their ETIM data. We include this as part of our free setup and support. We have been recognised as some of the very best in the field in this area.

  • Is there a free trial?

    Yes. Generally, we like to meet an interested business first to discuss their requirements and how OneTimePIM will be able to help their particular business. We then build them a sample entry to see their own data within the PIM and then give them access to this account to look around the PIM themselves.

  • Why PIM if I already have an ERP?

    There are several key differences between a PIM and an ERP, but to summarise, an ERP does not have the same capabilities for storing, managing and distributing product information as a PIM system does.


  • Is my product data secure?

    Yes. Your account is a standalone account and no one will have access unless you grant them access. No data will become public through any platform without you specifying it to. For example, you may have tax codes and cost prices stored within the PIM but you may not want these published to your website.

  • How do I import the product data?

    Products can be created and edited on an individual basis. Otherwise, our import tool is really easy to use to bring in your product data from Excel. Of course, our data team can help with this setup or do it completely for free as part of every package.

  • My product data is really messy, what can OneTimePIM do?

    We can help cleanse the data as part of our free setup that we offer with every package. We have a dedicated data team of experets and we have handled product data for 25 years, so we know a thing or two.

  • What type of data is stored within the PIM?

    • Basic data like product names and codes
    • Technical data like measurements, materials, and specifications
    • Rich product descriptions
    • Media data, which our system handles with our fully integrated data asset management system
    • Channels for storing the data in different languages or for different website specifications
    • Product relationships like categories or variants
    • Sales information like prices
    • Supplier and manufacturer data
    • Product Datasheets
    • ETIM classifications
  • Are there validation rules to keep the data clean?

    Yes. Each individual attribute can be set up with validation rules to block poor data from entering the PIM system.


  • Are there permissions settings on who can have the final say/publish the data?

    Yes. There are robust permission settings for ‘Teams’ whereby you can decide who can have the final say on publishing the data and making it “live”. You can also decide who can edit which products, attributes, etc. ‘Teams’ can be one user or many users (e.g. a product manager).

  • Does OneTimePIM support multiple languages?

    Yes. The unlimited channels function allows you to view the data in different ways like in a different language. For example, within the Spanish channel the product descriptions will have translated values whereas metric units like Length can be locked to the Master data. You can also hide products/attributes for each channel, for example, if the Spanish website sells less products than the English one. Finally, the PIM itself is available in multiple languages.

  • Are there limits to data storage and users?

    No. OneTimePIM operates on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform which means it can be scaled to any size necessary to suit your business. There are user and storage limits defined by our pricing packages.

  • Can it export to custom formats?

    Yes. If a wholesaler/retailer, etc. requires the CSV file to be in a certain format then we can work with you to develop formulas to display the data in these formats. You can also rename or re-order any attributes you are exporting too. The option to export to XML is also in the roadmap and should be available soon.

  • How flexible is the Automatic Product Datasheet function?

    At the moment you can upload a background template. Then you can customise which images to be displayed, which attributes to be displayed, what order these attributes will be in and what their names will be on the PDF document. We are currently working on ways to further improve the flexibility of this datasheets function.

  • Does OneTimePIM have a media manager?

    Yes. We have a fully integrated Digital Asset Management System which can handle all of your media files. This is included as part of every plan we offer and also features dynamic image resizing and reformatting so you only need to store one version of each image.

  • Do you have APIs to access the product data?

    Yes. We have a full range of APIs to let you read and write data to the PIM. These are powerful and allow for many integrations detailed further down this FAQ page.

  • Can we take a look at the API documentation?

    Yes. All of our API are documented at

  • Do you ever charge extra for new features?

    No. All of our features are included in every package. We are constantly adding and improving features and we never charge extra for these.


  • Can it integrate with e-commerce sites such as Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce?

    Yes. We have custom built connectors to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. These are very powerful and flexible, and they allow you to import and update your data on the PIM and see changes reflected automatically on the websites.

  • Can it integrate with my website?

    Yes. If it is powered by Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce then we have custom built connectors for these sites. If is not hosted by one of these three then we can still work with you to build integrations for the website through APIs and export tasks.

  • Can it integrate with Adobe InDesign

    Yes. While we don’t have a full connector, we can manage export tasks to send custom CSV files in exactly the way they are required for InDesign. If InDesign is used for datasheets, we have automaticallly generated datasheets built into the PIM itself.

  • Can it integrate with ERPs?

    Yes. Our developers will spend time working with your company to ensure that the PIM can be integrated with your ERP system in the way you require it to.

  • Are there extra costs for integrations or for PIM setup?

    No. We offer full setup and training for free. This means we work with your company to help setup the families, attributes, categories and importing of data. Then we will help build any API connections or export tasks you require for free.


  • How readily available is the support?

    We are available from 8.30am to 5pm (UK time) Monday to Friday for support. Depending on each user’s preferences we offer support through Slack channels (instant messaging), email, Video conferencing or sometimes quick video demonstrations to help you.

  • What type of things can support help me with?

    As part of every package we offer, we give each customer as much time as they need and as much support as they need to set up the PIM system and get it up and running. Once that is done we are readily available for any issues or queries. However, we beleive that with our extensive setup and training you will be able to use the PIM seamlessly within your organisation. This is why we offer this initial setup for free.

  • Do I get an account manager?

    Yes. Every account gets their own account manager they may speak to one on one with. We don’t use automated support chatbots or a support line. We pride oursevles in our customer care and there will be at least one member of our team ready to help you as quick as we possibly can.