In the modern competitive e-commerce environment, it is essential to maximise your customer satisfaction. Truly satisfied customers become return customers and become loyal to your store. A PIM System can help drive customer satisfaction in a number of ways:

Rich Product Information

Rich and detailed product information is a selling point in itself. Customers want to know as much as they can about the products they are buying so they can feel comfortable with their purchase. If the product information is inconsistent, out-of-date or just lacking, they may look for alternatives from a different website. Providing them with more accurate and detailed information will likely reduce the number of returns too, leaving customers satisfied with their purchases. For example, if your clothes store lists just the sizing (i.e. Small, Medium and Large) you are more likely to see more returns than if you listed the exact dimensions. In a 2020 Survey of UK consumers, around 66 per cent of people said they returned products because they "didn't fit". Imagine how many of these could have been avoided if more detailed product data was provided!

Better Media

High-quality images and videos can contribute to customers getting a much better idea of what to expect from the product, making it feel closer to being in a physical store. For example, ASOS offers short clips of models wearing the clothes and details the model’s height/weight. This gives customers a good idea of how the clothing will fit. OneTimePIM will deliver images to your website in the best possible format and size to maximise page loading times, further increasing customer experience.

Multiple Channels

The PIM allows you to easily distribute your products to multiple channels. This may mean selling via Amazon or other retailers, or just storing the data in separate languages for other versions of your website. Delivering customers their exact preferred method of browsing will no doubt increase customer satisfaction.

Better Website Experience

Firstly, a clearly structured category tree will make navigation of your site easier and help customers find what they are looking for. Similarly, products with detailed attributes and up-to-date information can be used for filtering purposes to help customers discover new products. With less time needed to focus on updating the product content on the website, more time can also be spent by the marketing team on the website content, layout and design. Combined with better media and richer product information, PIM systems can really help deliver a more enjoyable and faster website experience for customers.

Customer Support

With a central database for all of your product information, your customer support teams can easily access all of the information they need to deal with any customer queries or complaints. The improved communication between departments means that if a customer support employee identifies any mistakes in the data, they can be quickly rectified and published to all channels.

If customers genuinely enjoy the experience of buying and using your products, they are likely to come back in the future. This can even lead to exponential growth in customer satisfaction as the already loyal customers provide more detailed reviews and praise of your business. Product Information Management is not just about improving internal processes, but also about the effects, it can have on your customer’s experiences with your products.

If you are in the e-commerce space and looking to increase your customer loyalty and your revenue, feel free to get in touch with us below!

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