• Quickly generate effective marketing points: Create marketing points that can be used to add to or improve upon existing points for your products.
  • Create concise product descriptions: Generating succinct and compelling summaries of your products becomes effortless.
  • Create detailed descriptions using attribute sets: By defining attribute parameters, you can customise the generated descriptions to align with your brand voice and cater to your target audience.

With AI Assist, you now have a valuable tool at your disposal to effortlessly enhance your product descriptions and captivate your customers.

With AI Assist, your creativity is the limit. Through user prompts, you have the power to shape the output according to your requirements. This opens up unlimited potential for exploring your product data, generating insights, and meeting diverse marketing objectives.

In addition to the robust functionality of AI Assist, OneTimePIM offers a user-friendly menu that helps you to easily utilise the features of the AI Assist tool.

It's important to note that the accuracy and abundance of data within OneTimePIM, and for your specific products, directly impacts the quality of the generated descriptions. The more quantifiable, and up-to-date, your data is the better the output will be.

By ensuring your product information is current and comprehensive within OneTimePIM, you can harness the full potential of AI Assist to create captivating product descriptions.

For more details on our AI assist feature, read the blog here.