Benefits of PIM & Shopify Plus

Recently upgraded to Shopify Plus but feel like your product information is holding your e-commerce store back? Well PIM Software is for you! OneTimePIM has recently launched new Shopify connectors that make updating your store seamless. In this article, we look at some of the problems that PIM solves for Shopify Plus users.

Enriched product information

Customers want to buy products that have rich information attached to them. This can include marketing descriptions, technical specifications and even safety information. A PIM System makes it easy to congregate all of this data in one single place, where it can be updated and enriched from there. Saving time on looking for the latest Excel file or ensuring the technical specifications are correct means that marketing teams can spend more time providing rich marketing descriptions and texts to increase the conversion rates of potential customers.

Content for multiple channels and languages

Our PIM System has the option to create unlimited channels. Upload all of your data to the 'Master' channel and then create additional channels which allow channel-specific changes to the data. Some attributes which won't change can be locked to the Master channel, for example, height and length. The channel-specific changes can be anything from changing the language for a Spanish version of the website to only selecting a smaller range of products for a different store or website.

Better image management

Upload one single high-quality version of each image and OneTimePIM will take care of the rest. This includes reformatting and resizing the image dynamically as required, for example for the thumbnail of the product. The images live within our integrated digital asset management system which means you can view them alongside the products they are associated with within the PIM. It also means you can create an export task for any images or files you would like.

Avoid inconsistencies with product information

Validation rules mean your product data will be free from any mistakes or errors. When using Excel spreadsheets for example, if one product within the same family had millimetres as the unit of measurement while another had centimetres this could cause issues or confusion. The PIM validation rules prevent this from happening.

It also means your efforts can remain focused on providing rich marketing content which provides a consistent brand message because your marketer's time will be used more productively.

Separating data from the store makes sense

If you choose Shopify as the place to store your product data, this means the product information becomes specific to Shopify. It follows their templates, attributes, etc. This is harmful to the business if they wish to use their product information elsewhere, so product data should be held and updated separately from the e-commerce store. A PIM system is the best way to do this.

Easy set-up of variants

OneTimePIM has a great system of variants whereby you create a configurable (parent) product and then create variants of that. You can lock attribute values to the parent product, for example, a kettle may vary by colour only. You would lock every other attribute (volume, height, features, etc) to the parent product, then create variants for each colour. This makes creating variants easy and handles it within the PIM which can then be connected to Shopify.

Reduce time to market

An increase in employee productivity, automation of time-consuming tasks, a single data source and e-commerce connectors all contribute to reducing the time a product takes to get onto the market. This increases competitive advantage, makes breaking even quicker, elongates the product lifecycle and allows higher prices to be charged early in the lifecycle. If you would like a bit more information on how to reduce time to market, read our other blog post here!

As we previously mentioned, OneTimePIM has recently launched new Shopify connectors that make updating your store seamless. If you would like to learn more about these, and how PIM systems can benefit your Shopify store, please feel free to book a demo below!

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