Connectors for ecommerce

Drive your online store forward with our outstanding API e-commerce connectors

  • Three powerful custom-built connectors to Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.
  • Your information is synced with all your sales channels.
  • Any changes in the PIM have been reflected automatically across your e-commerce sites.

OneTimePIM has three completely custom-built Connectors to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. That means the product information and images in the PIM can be synced up with all your sales channels. So any changes in the system are reflected across your eCommerce sites automatically on a schedule or instantly with the click of a button.

These connectors will be set up for you and are included in every package at no additional cost. OneTimePIM can use its powerful APIs to connect to any e-commerce platform, so just get in touch if you use a different system.

Key Benefits:

  • Custom built for each e-commerce platform e.g. Image Roles for Magento, Metafields for Shopify.
  • Reporting within OneTimePIM tells you exactly which changes were made to each product, the values modified for each product, and a history of updates.
  • Performs incremental updates that are much faster than full runs or imports.
  • Can update multiple stores with different data needs at the same time (e.g. if you have different websites for different languages).
  • The data management process becomes much faster, boosting productivity and speeding up the time to market for your products.
  • Some of our customers report big updates to their stores being about 20 times faster using the PIM.
  • The connectors allow you to enjoy the extensive benefits of our Dynamic Image Management engine, which will reformat and resize your best-quality photos for any marketplace on the fly.

OneTimePIM is designed for handling of product data, unlike e-commerce platforms which are exceptional at being e-commerce platforms, but not great with data. Get the best of both worlds: an extremely high-quality Shopify, Woocommerce, or Magento front end, with a best-in-class PIM system behind the scenes. This system will be full of high-quality data and images, leaving you head and shoulders above the competition.

For examples of how to add, edit and remove products from Shopify, check out our clips below!

Add items to Shopify:

Edit items on Shopify:

Remove items from Shopify: