Many businesses have switched to remote working in recent years. Just as important as building the right team for remote work is providing that team with the proper tools to perform at their best. PIM solutions can be a huge help to remote working for various reasons explored in this blog.


With a PIM system in place, data becomes a lot cleaner due to fewer mistakes and stricter validation. Individuals have permissions in place so nobody touches data they shouldn’t be editing. Websites or sending data out can be set to schedules, or only more senior staff be given permission to carry out these tasks. All of these things on top of knowing that your data will be synchronised wherever it ends up really benefit the control you have over your product data.


PIM simply improves productivity within the company. It allows users to edit products and data in a much faster way, and update various channels with the data easily.

This frees up time for staff to focus efforts elsewhere. Instead of duplication of efforts on tedious product data tasks, staff can concentrate on producing better marketing content that has a real impact on SEO for example.


Due to the fact that a PIM acts as a central source of communication within the business, it removes a lot of the product data silos that currently exist in many companies. Users can easily communicate with each other using Slack, Teams, etc. and all view/edit the data in the same place.


PIM Systems allow multiple users to edit the data at the same time. This means that the marketing team can begin their efforts of producing rich product descriptions and titles, while the technical team fills in the logistics and technical specification data. This reduces the chance of errors or waiting on other teams to finish so you can edit the master Excel file. The collaboration a PIM system offers allows for a much faster time to market new products.


The PIM can be accessed from any time and any place provided the user has their login details. This allows for a great deal of flexibility when compared to working in an office setting. Staff can work on their parts of the data synchronously or asynchronously, and it should reduce the time staff will be waiting on others to share files or data.


If you are interested in finding out more about how a PIM could help your business, feel free to get in touch below!

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