Export Scheduling

The most powerful exporter in the PIM industry

  • Easily get the data out of the PIM via csv files that can be set up to be whatever format your customers or distributors require.
  • These can be scheduled to be sent automatically to email lists.
  • Exports can also be used for updating selling platforms, or linking with other software like ERP systems and InDesign. The PIM’s API allows for exporting too.

When developing our PIM system, one of the biggest priorities was the export engine. The ability to extract data from PIM software is one of the key features. So we looked at our competitors and set out with the aim of disrupting them by building the most sophisticated exporter on the PIM market. Something that was simpler, faster, more detailed, more automated and more customisable than any other.

  • Export Scheduling: Once you have set up a certain export, it can be made to repeat daily, weekly or monthly at any hour of the day, with no manual input required. The system will just email the exported file to as many recipients as you require, immediately after completion.

  • Advanced Selection Tools: The products that you want to export can be selected individually, all at once, or by their categories and families, allowing for total flexibility.

  • Attribute Selection: It’s simple to select which attributes you want to be part of an export by ticking the relevant boxes. The order of the attributes in the exported file can be easily changed by dragging and dropping. Attributes can then be renamed for the export, to meet the criteria of the recipient.

  • Advanced Product Filtering: You may have products at various stages of the supply chain. Products that are modified, new, live on the website or those that have been taken offline. The filtering options within the exporter allow you to chose between these stages, so if you are dealing with new products that aren’t yet on the market, you don’t accidentally include ones already being sold within your export. You can also filter by tags, such as “Summer Promotion”.

  • Image Customisation: Our PIM system provides the option of exporting a product’s images, along with the different attributes and pieces of data associated with it. When exporting images, you are able to choose both the dimensions and the format you would like the images to appear in. They will then be automatically resized and reformatted. It’s particularly useful when sending to customers with specific requirements for their e-commerce websites, which may have strict limits on image sizes or require specific format types.

  • API Links: Using APIs, exporting from our PIM Software can become a completely automatic and effortless task. APIs, which sit separately from the PIM, can call for a CSV file in exactly the format needed and distribute it to the required location.

We are proud of our exporter and we believe it is one of the most powerful in the product information management industry. With the flexibility of the customisation and the efficiency of the automation, our clients take a step ahead of their competitors. Our exporter removes the need for manual human interaction which boosts productivity and eliminates mistakes. Furthermore, our data team will help you create any export tasks you need and will always be available for extra support.