Category Management

Our index tree allows you to completely customise how product categories appear within your PIM system. You have the ability to add more, drag and drop them into an order that works for you and remove the ones that are no longer useful. This flexibility isn't offered by any other PIM system and makes locating individual items quick and simple.

Category Management 1

Within each individual product's page, you can assign that product to whatever categories you wish to. For example, a product might fall under it's own product category like keyboards, but also under a computer accessories category.

Category Management 2

One of the most powerful components of the category management system within our PIM is the bulk selection feature. It is simple to select as many products as you like and assign them all to categories at once. This is useful when you have just imported a lot of new products, for example, a new line of T-Shirts, and you want to assign them all to the same category quickly. Within the product page you can also filter products by categories to simply view what you need at any given time.

Category Management 3

Within our importing tool, you can easily import and assign categories to products if you have existing categories elsewhere in your data. Furthermore, you can import entire category trees from other systems like your ERP.