Automated Datasheets

Simplify datasheets with our automatic datasheets tool

  • Create templates using a PDF background and a selection of attributes/media.
  • These templates can then automatically generate datasheets with the latest product data on the PIM. You can add public URLs to these datasheets so they can be shared on your website.

In many industries, product datasheets are used to inform customers or supply chains about the latest elements of a product. A good datasheet allows the reader to accurately specify and buy the exact product they need without extra help. Despite the obvious importance of datasheets, they are often a huge point of difficulty for many companies.

Manually creating datasheets in applications like Word or InDesign is time-consuming. This can lead to a slower time to market and a loss in productivity, especially when a firm deals with a large number of products. Furthermore, datasheets need regular updates when the specifications or attributes of a product change. Every delay in correcting, adding, or clarifying data in a datasheet negatively affects users.

Our PIM system automatically generates datasheets for you. All the data is compiled by the system with 100% accuracy and a document is ready in PDF format to be distributed to the customers or website. Any changes to the data will be automatically reflected in updated datasheets too.

The best part: this feature is fully integrated and included in our software.

This feature eliminates mistakes and increases productivity. Removing the human element reduces business risk. Customers will never accidentally be given the wrong information. It also decreases time to market which can lead to increased sales.

From the design of the PDF to the specific attributes listed, our datasheets are fully customisable too. With OneTimePIM, templates can be uploaded for a PDF and these can then be instantly used for any product. Safe in knowing that the data will be wholly accurate, clients can gain a significant competitive advantage with this feature.