Are you wondering whether your company will benefit from a PIM system? Let’s take a look at the key signs that a PIM will be useful for you, and explore some of OneTimePIM’s specific features.

Your data is dispersed across lots of documents

One of the main goals of the PIM is the centralisation of data. Before using the PIM, our clients were struggling with data spread across multiple documents: Microsoft word, Excel spreadsheets, brochures, media folders, CSV files, InDesign files… As the volume of data increased, this became difficult to manage, with frequent mistakes and miscommunications.

With OneTimePIM, all of this information is contained in a single location. Our Digital Asset Management feature (DAM) also allows you to store media such as pictures or videos alongside your product information. You can take control over your data by having everything in one source, one place, one time.

You are working with multiple languages and marketplaces

Not only might your data be located in lots of places, but it might have lots of places to go! For example, some clients have websites with the same products in different languages or use multiple e-commerce marketplaces such as Shopify and Amazon. Again, it’s very complicated and time-consuming to have to tailor all of your data to each of these outputs.

A PIM helps you manage these outputs. With OneTimePIM, you can create an unlimited number of channels to store your product data in different ways. This is aided by our sophisticated attribute management features: you can lock values for certain products (e.g. dimensions) so that they are the same on every channel while keeping other values (e.g. currency, description language) variable.

You want a simple and secure way to share your data

OneTimePIM has a really useful ‘external users’ feature, which lets you choose aspects of your product information to share with an external party. This gives you the option to select only relevant data, omitting anything incomplete or confidential.

To summarise, you will benefit from a PIM if you have a large volume of data that you’re struggling to manage or multiple data outputs. A PIM will help you collate this data, streamline your updates, improve accuracy and save time modifying individual files. OneTimePIM can also help you share sections of your data simply and securely. We offer a high level of personal support to make the process of transitioning your data onto the PIM as smooth as possible.

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