A common misconception is that to use a PIM you need a huge team and lots of resources. In reality, it doesn't require a whole lot of effort once integrated. At OneTimePIM, we strive to help you get set up and trained so that the PIM can run seamlessly in the background.

Let’s take a look at how a PIM might benefit a smaller company.

Increased efficiency

Product management is a time-consuming job. Avoiding duplication of effort by only entering the data once will save time for any sized team, and the impact of this will be felt even more by a smaller team. If the PIM is set up correctly and everything is automated, even a one-person team will see huge amounts of time freed up that they can reassign to other important tasks within the business.

OneTimePIM’s unique Onboarding offer

Our unique onboarding offer means we will provide as much support as you need for no additional cost. This includes helping you collate and cleanse the data, setting up the structure of the PIM, advising on exports and permissions and setting up connections to external systems. This takes a lot of the workload off your team and means they won’t be just left with a piece of software to figure out by themselves!

PIM is a process

Product Information Management is not just a piece of software but transforms the way that your business views and utilises its product data. This means that it’s important to get things right, and it doesn’t need to be a huge instant resource commitment to get it going. We understand some companies have fewer staff or more complicated requirements than others, which is why we don’t put a limit on the ongoing support we offer.