Attribute Sets

Navigate only the attributes that are relevant to you or your team

  • Create sets of attributes so you and your team can focus on the specific fields you want to edit or view at any time.
  • This is available throughout the PIM including the spreadsheet view and the filtering options.

Within the Spreadsheet View of the PIM, you may only want to view and edit the attributes that are relevant to you or your team. Attribute Sets allow you to do exactly this.

For example, the technical department may only be concerned with the Dimensions and Measurements involved with a product. They can simply select only these attributes and create an Attribute Set to manage them easier.

Within the spreadsheet view, they will then be easily able to manage the attributes that are relevant to them if they exist for a range of products. It will remove all other attributes that they may not be concerned with from view.

You can also do the same thing for the Gallery View or for the filtering. Your PIM account may have 100s of attributes but you may only want to filter by colour and size. This feature allows you to easily remove attributes from the filter list that you won’t need.