About Us

OneTimePIM is a family run SaaS company, providing other businesses with a system for storing and organising all their product data, which can then be distributed to websites, catalogues or any other sales channels where it is required.

The business was born from the needs of our parent company Electrika Ltd to manage lots of product data for different companies.

Electrika has independently managed product information for businesses in the electrical manufacturing industry for 25 years, which provided us with the ideal platform for building the most sophisticated Product Information Management system on the market.

The software is designed to simplify the product data management process for other companies. Making it easier to enhance information, spot errors and gaps, locate details, make changes and add more items. Basically it takes your product information and uses it to drive the business forward, instead of holding it back.

Please utilise the resources we have on the site to learn about PIM software and if you're ready to find out even more, click below to book yourself a free demo.

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