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Product configuration

Electrika Ltd is a privately owned software company founded in Manchester, UK in 1992. The company initially focussed on consultancy related to product configuration in the manufacturing industry.

Creating an industry portal

In 1996 Electrika turned its attention to data and estimating software, and brought together leading electrical manufacturers data on a common platform to give out free estimating tools. Free software was rare at the time, and this led to a huge uptake of Electrika's estimating tools.

Since then, Electrika has been dedicated to producing the highest quality e-catalogues for manufacturers and the best possible estimating tools for both manufacturers and electrical contractors. Accessible via both Desktop and Cloud, Electrika's free estimating package allows users to build estimates, orders and job costing anywhere on any device. Electrika's e-catalogue service allows users to easily browse products across catalogues from the UK and Europe's top manufacturers and is integrated with the estimating tools for both desktop and cloud.

Big data

Throughout the last 25 years, millions of pounds worth of quotations are generated using our estimating software every month. Electrika has worked with some of the biggest brands in the electrical industry to achieve this, handling huge amounts of important data.

Product Information Management

OneTimePIM was born out of the need for Electrika to manage these large amounts of product data for leading electrical manufacturers. Electrika already had a custom-built PIM system for managing its own data, but decided to build a new PIM system from the ground up that could be used in any domain.

Our experience led us to build one of the most sophisticated PIM systems on the market using the latest cloud technologies. OneTimePIM expands well beyond Electrika's needs and caters for all domains, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors and marketplaces. OneTimePIM simplifies product information management. It makes it easy to import, manage and share product data and digital assets.

Central to your success

The PIM system will be at the heart of your company. Once integrated, it should become almost unnoticeable, empowering your staff to streamline data management and get things done effortlessly. This is the philosophy behind OneTimePIM.


Our ethos at OneTimePIM, and indeed Electrika, is a personal level of service that you won't find anywhere else. Many of our Electrika clients have been with us for over 25 years. We strive to make sure our clients are happy with their experience and we ensure their every need is listened to. This is why we do not charge you for PIM setup, data entry and training. At no extra cost, we help you set up the PIM software every step of the way, including attributes, families, connections, data imports and training your team. Feel free to explore more information about our implementation process and our methodology.


We love managing product data and our powerful PIM system has been built from the ground up using the latest cloud technologies to ensure your company benefits from the latest tools and ideas for managing product information. Visit our blogs to learn more about PIM software, and when you're ready please feel free to book a demo and explore OneTimePIM for yourselves.

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