What is PIM?

PIM simply means Product Information Management. PIM systems are specialist software, designed to store all of your complicated product data in one place, so it can be easily managed, changed and exported to your sales platforms.

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Why do you need PIM?

A Product Information Management system gives you one source of true, up-to-date data about every product, meaning the hours spent rumbling through spreadsheets and scrolling down Excel to find some technical details are no more.

Are you a manager of hundreds of product lines? A salesperson needing a reliable source of information? Or a CEO struggling to monitor pages and pages of product data? A fully-integrated PIM system can solve all of those problems for your company, storing the information and running in the background to keep every department moving seamlessly.

PIM systems make it staggeringly easy to organise, change and then send information to selling platforms, so you know your product details are always accurate and consistent.

Check out our blog where we discuss five reasons you need a PIM.

What information goes into a PIM?

Every item in a firm’s product range has information associated with it and all of it can be stored in the PIM. So this list could be quite lengthy, but we’ll just stick to the key details:

  • Names, titles, descriptions and SKU numbers.
  • Product categories and labels.
  • Images and videos.
  • Technical details such as dimensions.
  • Prices, reviews and other sales information.
  • Product certifications.
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What PIM system should I get?

There are plenty of Product Information Management systems available to buy and it can be difficult to work out which one would best suit your company.

You should look to take advantage of a free guided demo or trial of any software before you buy it. At OneTimePIM we can provide you with a free full version of our software to explore and work out if it is right for your business, with no obligation to purchase.

It’s important to take time to decide if a certain PIM system is best suited to your company's needs, because when they’re set-up they are an essential part of all data organisation. For this reason, we don’t place a definitive time frame on our trial, we know it is vital to give firms the space they need, to decide if OneTimePIM is right for them.

Why not get the ball rolling by requesting a free guided demo below? Or, find out more with our PIM For Beginners guide.

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