Permissions Settings

Granular, extremely customisable, flexible, yet simple

Our permission system is very granular and can be set for individuals or teams. You can specify which attributes can be edited, which channels can be seen and whether users can import or export data. You can even specify which settings they have control over, such as editing families, attributes, tags and relations. Some users can even be given view-only access to the data. For example, the design and marketing teams may need to view product descriptions to work on designs and advertisements, but they won’t need to edit anything within the PIM.

This means you can easily manage the workflows within the PIM. Individuals can edit the data and change whatever they are given permission to change. However, another individual can be given permission to have the final say on publishing the changes.

The teams feature is crucial in keeping close control over your data and maintaining it to a high standard. Combined with the activity log, OneTimePIM gives you a very customisable way of managing what your employees do with the data. Nobody is going to be fiddling with things they shouldn’t be!

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