Product Variant Options

Enhance your products with variants

  • Set up rules that lock certain bits of data to a parent product.
  • This allows you much quicker and more reliable entering of data.

There are three types of products within OneTimePIM.

  • Simple - this is a single, standalone product.
  • Configurable - this is a parent product that has a number of options (variants) available.
  • Variant - this is one of the options for a configurable product.

Rulesets are used for Configurable products to define which attributes are allowed to change for their variants. For example, a T-Shirt might be the exact same with only the colour attribute changing. This makes it simple to manage product variants. Our importer allows you to import variants too.

You can also browse products by any of these types. So you can simply leave out the variant products and view the top-level configurable and simple SKUs for simplicity.