In an ever-expanding e-commerce world, it can be a challenge to get your products in front of the right customers at the right time. This blog gives a few simple tips on improving your e-commerce store to ensure more customers discover your products. Product Information Management Systems can provide huge benefits in helping this process.

Paid search advertising

In 2020, search advertising accounted for 8.4 billion British pounds in spending in the UK alone. It is therefore imperative to focus attention on your keyword and paid advertising strategy in such a saturated and competitive space. Hidden within PPC accounts, wasted spend on keywords with little to no conversions is a very common sight. For example, broad match keywords can often lead to Google bidding on keywords that aren’t particularly relevant to what you are selling, leading to wasted spending if these ads are clicked. Broad-match keywords can be used effectively, but it is important to monitor them and add irrelevant words to negative search terms.

Poorly set up conversion tracking can also hinder the accuracy of the data your Google Ads account uses. The start point of any PPC strategy should be to ensure that conversion tracking is set up correctly, tracking exactly what you want to track.


Once a customer reaches your site, you want to ensure it is as easy as possible to navigate to the products they want to buy and discover new products. This becomes particularly relevant if you have a large range of products. Keeping your ideal customers in mind can help to formulate a way to sort your products into groupings that allow your customers to find what they are looking for. Categories within OneTimePIM are very flexible. They can be built to reflect the way you wish to set up your e-commerce store.


Put simply, the more accurate and detailed product information you provide to your customers, the better they can filter through the products and find something that works for them. If your product data is not in a good place, then you may miss out on customers who cannot find what they are looking for on your website. OneTimePIM has very powerful filtering within the PIM System that can allow your team to ensure that the product information is up-to-date and relevant.

SEO Marketing on Products

With OneTimePIM having scope for unlimited attributes, as well as powerful computed attributes, you can update your e-commerce store with rich and effective SEO-specific attributes. SEO marketing provides opportunities for your products to be discovered in an organic fashion. If your product pages are filled with rich descriptions and detailed meta-fields, etc., then customers are more likely to find your products on Google.

Social Proof

Nearly 70 per cent of online shoppers typically read between one and six customer reviews before making a purchasing decision. Less than one in ten shoppers did not have a habit of reading customer reviews before buying. It is absolutely essential to leverage the power of customer reviews in 2022. Especially if you sell your products on sites like Amazon, whereby customers may filter by the number of reviews.

Growth of your E-commerce store through PIM


PIM Systems provide massive boosts to e-commerce stores in a number of ways. They bolster the quality of the product data you provide your customers, they allow you to update the store which up-to-date information in an easier and faster fashion, and they provide opportunities for quicker time-to-market. With a PIM System boosting your e-commerce store’s growth, it will inevitably lead to more customers finding your products. When combined with the good practices mentioned above, a PIM System will simply boost sales for your products.