PIM systems have a huge impact on interdepartmental collaboration and teamwork. Many businesses suffer because their internal teams struggle to share and update data together in an efficient manner which can lead to data silos, inconsistencies and duplication of effort. This short blog highlights some key ways a PIM system improves collaboration across teams.

Synchronises work between departments

A PIM system will mean that all departments can work at the same time on updating the product information relevant to them. Gone are the days when people have to wait for colleagues to send the latest spreadsheet.

Single source of truth

Quite simply, the whole business benefits from having one central source for all product information and media. This eliminates data silos whereby departments have access to some data that others don’t and means people do not need to ask others for data.

Clear roles and permissions

Each individual or team can have different permission settings to reflect what their role in the PIM will be. For example, a sales team member may never need to edit any data, and will only be able to view the information and a marketing team member may only need to edit descriptions and media.

These roles can be clearly defined and there is a lot more clarity about each person’s role in the product information process within the business. An activity log that details the changes people have made allows more accountability for individuals too. Role hierarchy can also mean that supervisors or managers can have the final review before publishing a product’s data onto various channels.

Avoids duplication of effort

A common problem we encounter with businesses that do not have a PIM system in place is duplication of effort. Often, employees will fill in some product information, then another colleague will fill in the exact same information somewhere else instead of it being provided automatically. Double-checking and cross-checking other colleagues' work should be mitigated with a PIM system in place too due to stricter permissions and validation in place.

Improves collaboration with sellers/retailers

If your business provides product information to third-party retailers and sellers, a PIM system will be hugely beneficial to improving these relationships. You can ensure that the correct, up-to-date information is exported directly to them in the format they desire in a timely and automated fashion.

Improves quality of work

With many inefficiencies dealt with, the different teams will have more time to focus on providing products with enriched and quality information. This will help build trust amongst teams, instil a sense of pride in employees’ work and enhance the customer experience.

Elimination of barriers

OneTimePIM is a SaaS cloud-based tool that can be accessed anywhere. This means your team can work from the office or remotely in an efficient manner. It eliminates the pain of having to be in a certain location or connected to a correct server in order to access certain aspects of product data.

If you would like to find out more about how OneTimePIM can boost teamwork and efficiency within your business, feel free to get in touch below!

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