A PIM that works with WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce?

  • WooCommerce is a third-party extension for WordPress
  • Allows for setting up an e-commerce site but is limited in functionality
  • The use of additional plugins helps increase the functionality of the site but need to make sure the plugins are compatible

WooCommerce is an extension of WordPress made to add e-commerce functionality to WordPress. WooCommerce is not a PIM. It has the capacity to store some product data but not to the same capacity and efficiency as a PIM system.

How do I choose a PIM system?

Having a PIM system that allows for multi-channel connections is a necessity for most businesses trying to sell their products/services across multiple platforms.

A PIM should be able to store your data as well as make it easier for you to edit and publish changes to your product data across the connected channels you are selling on.

OneTimePIM would be a suitable option for businesses using WooCommerce, as it has built-in connectors for WooCommerce and other e-commerce sites. OneTimePIM can also store a large variety of product data and media that may not be possible to achieve in WooCommerce without additional plugin support.