Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can OneTimePIM integrate with e-commerce sites?

    Yes. We have custom-built connectors to Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. These are very powerful and flexible, and they allow you to import and update your data on the PIM and see changes reflected automatically on the websites.

  • Can OneTimePIM integrate with my website?

    Yes. If it is powered by Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce then we have custom-built connectors for these sites. If it is not hosted by one of these three then we can still work with you to build integrations for the website through APIs and export tasks.

  • Can it integrate with Adobe InDesign?

    Yes. You can create export tasks to send custom CSV files in exactly the way they are required for InDesign. If InDesign is used for datasheets, we have automatically generated datasheets built into the PIM itself.

  • Can it integrate with my ERP system?

    Yes. Our developers will spend time working with your company to ensure that the PIM can be integrated with your ERP system in the way you require it to.

  • Are there extra costs for integrations or for PIM setup?

    No. We offer full setup and training for free. This means we work with your company to help set up the families, attributes, categories and importing of data. Then we will help build any API connections or export tasks you require for free.