Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are there permissions settings on who can have the final say to publish the data?

    Yes. There are robust permission settings for ‘Teams’ whereby you can decide who can have the final say on publishing the data and making it 'live'. You can also decide who can edit which products, attributes, etc. ‘Teams’ can be one user or many users (e.g. a product manager).

  • Does OneTimePIM support multiple languages?

    Yes. The unlimited channels function allows you to view the data in different ways like in a different language. For example, within the Spanish channel, the product descriptions will have translated values whereas metric units like Length can be locked to the Master data. You can also hide products/attributes for each channel, for example, if the Spanish website sells fewer products than the English one. Finally, the PIM itself is available in multiple languages.

  • Are there limits to data storage and users?

    No. OneTimePIM operates on Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform which means it can be scaled to any size necessary to suit your business. There are user and storage limits defined by our pricing packages.

  • Can it export to custom formats?

    Yes. If a wholesaler/retailer, etc. requires the CSV file to be in a certain format then we can work with you to develop formulas to display the data in these formats. You can also rename or re-order any attributes you are exporting too. The option to export to XML is also in the roadmap and should be available soon.

  • How flexible is the Automatic Product Datasheet function?

    You can upload your own PDF background template. Then you can customise which images to be displayed, which attributes to be displayed, what order these attributes will be in and what their names will be on the PDF document. We are currently working on ways to further improve the flexibility of this datasheet function. More information about automated datasheets is available here.

  • Does OneTimePIM have DAM built-in?

    Yes. We have a fully integrated Digital Asset Management System which can handle all of your media files. This is included as part of every plan we offer and also features dynamic image resizing and reformatting so you only need to store one version of each image.

  • Do you have APIs to access the product data?

    Yes. We have a full range of APIs to let you read and write data to the PIM. These are powerful and allow for many integrations detailed further down this FAQ page.

  • Can we take a look at the API documentation?

    Yes. All of our APIs are documented at

  • Do you charge extra for new features?

    No. All of our features are included in every package. We are constantly adding and improving features and we never charge extra for these.