Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is my product data secure?

    Yes. Your account is a standalone account and no one will have access unless you grant them access. No data will become public through any platform without you specifying it. For example, you may have tax codes and cost prices stored within the PIM but you may not want these published on your website.

  • How do I import the product data?

    Products can be created and edited on an individual basis. Otherwise, our import tool is really easy to use to bring in your product data from Excel. Of course, our data team can help with this setup or do it completely for free as part of every package.

  • My product data is really messy, what can OneTimePIM do?

    We can help cleanse the data as part of the free setup that we offer with every package. We have a dedicated data team of experts and we have handled product data for 26 years, so we know a thing or two.

  • What type of data is stored within the PIM?

    • Basic data like product names and codes
    • Technical data like measurements, materials, and specifications
    • Rich product descriptions
    • Media data, which our system handles with our fully integrated digital asset management system
    • Channels for storing the data in different languages or for different website specifications
    • Product relationships like categories or variants
    • Sales information like prices
    • Supplier and manufacturer data
    • Product Datasheets
    • ETIM classifications
  • Are there validation rules to keep the data clean?

    Yes. Each individual attribute can be set up with validation rules to block poor data from entering the PIM system.