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With over 200 years of industrial excellence, Lewden Ltd., in association with Palazzoli Group, is recognised as a leading supplier of easily installed, durable, reliable and smart electrical power distribution solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.


Lewden faced a major challenge with their product data being scattered in different silos throughout the company. As a result, responding to data requests and managing their product information, pricing data, logistics data, and product specifications became increasingly difficult, especially with their products being sold through various channels including wholesalers and online retailers. Additionally, they needed a centralized database that would support ETIM classification. A centralised database solution would greatly improve their data management and responsiveness to customer needs.

Our Role

OneTimePIM collaborated with Lewden to address their scattered product data and improve their data management. Through our free setup and training methodology, we were able to gather data from various sources within their organization. We then expertly guided Lewden through the process of creating a high-quality dataset within our PIM system, including data cleansing and importing. Our team also helped Lewden to meet ETIM standards by producing data that met these requirements. As a result, Lewden now has a centralized and organized product data that improves their responsiveness to customer needs.


Thanks to OneTimePIM's collaboration, Lewden is now able to respond to data requests for product information and images in a much more efficient and timely manner. This has not only saved a significant amount of time but also allowed the business to redirect resources to other areas. The marketing department in particular has seen a significant benefit from the centralization of data which they can now use for marketing activities, something that was previously challenging due to data being stored across different departments. Additionally, due to the outstanding work that OneTimePIM did in preparing the ETIM data, Lewden was awarded the Gold Standard EDATA from the Electrical Distributor's Association at the EDA Digitalisation Forum.

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