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With over 200 years of industrial excellence, Lewden Ltd., in association with Palazzoli Group, is recognised as a leading supplier of easily installed, durable, reliable and smart electrical power distribution solutions for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.


Lewden were in need of a centralised database for their product data. Their marketing information, pricing data, logistics data and product specifications were all silo-ed in different places around the business. Lewden sell their products through a variety of channels, including wholesalers and online retailers. This meant it was becoming increasingly difficult to respond to many data requests, especially with the data being scattered around the business. Lewden were also in need for ETIM classified data as part of a specific data project.

Our Role

OneTimePIM met with Lewden and through our free setup and training methodology we collated their data from various sources within the organisation. Once the data was gathered, we helped guide Lewden through the process of creating a quality dataset within the PIM system, including cleansing and importing the data. Once the data was stored within the PIM, we then embarked on producing data that met the ETIM standard.


Lewden are now able to respond to data requests for product information and images in a much easier and quicker fashion. This saves a great amount of time and allows the business to allocate resources elsewhere. The marketing department in particular have benefited as they now have a centralised point of data that they can use for marketing activities, something which they struggled with previously due to the data being stored by different departments. Finally, due to the job OneTimePIM did with the ETIM data, Lewden were awarded Gold Standard EDATA from the Electrical Distributor's Association on December 1st 2021 at the EDA Digitalisation Forum.

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