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Collingwood Lighting Case Studie

Collingwood Lighting

Collingwood Lighting are a British designer and manufacturer of high-quality, long-life, innovative LED Lighting products, since 1901.


The biggest challenge Collingwood faced was the huge number of channels they needed to distribute their data to, and the various formats associated with these channels. Collingwood also struggled with internal data management. Much of their data was disorganised and out of date.

Our Role

The first task for our data team was organising all of their information which took many forms including PDF's, xlsx, csv, and even word files. This was achieved by carefully importing the product data into OneTimePIM. Our system then flagged up errors and gaps. From there, the data needed to be distributed to many different channels including their website, printed catalogues and specification sheets.


Collingwood Lighting's data is all organised and accurate, thanks to the work of our data team. OneTimePIM is now the single source of truth for all of their data. Furthermore, that product information is being distributed to the various sales channels that they require. Using the API, the PIM keeps the website up-to-date automatically.

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