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Ansell lighting Case Studie

Ansell Lighting

Ansell Lighting is a recognised leader in the design and manufacture of lighting products for a variety of applications and markets. With over 25 years of experience, Ansell Lighting now supply their extensive range of products internationally.


Ansell Lighting were faced with the challenge of requiring a single storage platform of all their data and digital assets to power their new website, that could also be made available to other partner companies such as wholesalers. Needing to respond quickly to changes, they required a system that would be simple, flexible and allow them to easily update the website with the latest information.

Our Role

Our experts importing all their scattered data into our PIM system meant Ansell Lighting achieved the single source of correct product information that they needed with all their assets, such as instruction manuals and photos, alongside their products in an orderly manner. The PIM's export engine also meant they were able to keep data up-to-date across their website automatically. Finally, using our knowledge of the ETIM data classification, we transformed their product data to meet this standard, providing them with a great platform to appeal to new customers and expand.


Ansell Lighting have turned strong product information into a USP of the company and managing their data is a much more efficient process. They're able to supply customers with accurate product information, whenever they ask for it and keep their website current automatically. Ansell were also recently invited to do a presentation at the Electrical Distributors Association Digitalisation Forum, as the shining example of what quality electrical manufacturer data should look like (which they kindly let us be a part of!).

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