With the huge growth of ecommerce over the past two years, many firms are considering or already have started selling internationally. PIM Systems can be a huge backend support for international growth in a number of ways.

Unlimited Product Channels

Channels allow you to store the same product in multiple different ways. You can lock some of the data to the 'master' channel and allow some of it to vary. For example, height and weight might be consistent across regions but marketing descriptions might change for a different market or language. It also allows you to hide certain products from different channels, for example, if a certain colour of a t-shirt is only available in your UK store.


We’re able to fully translate the OneTimePIM system into any language that suits your needs. Just ask us what you require and we’ll get to it. A fully functioning OneTimePIM system in your preferred language. Simply pick a language within the preferences menu. Using the channels feature the data itself can then be inputted and stored in multiple languages too.

Automatic datasheets

Manually creating data sheets for every market, platform and/or language can be time-consuming and monotonous. A huge amount of resources can be saved if this process becomes automated. OneTimePIM's automatic datasheets feature dynamically creates datasheets on-the-fly using PIM data. These are customisable too with your own company's branding.


Using our 'Teams' feature, you can specify which users can have access to different channels. For example, this means that only the Spanish team can see and edit the Spanish data if you wish. The team's feature is crucial in keeping close control over your data and maintaining it to a high standard. Combined with the activity log, OneTimePIM gives you a very customisable way of managing what your employees do with the data.


With permissions systems set up correctly and a single source of truth for your product data, collaboration across departments and markets becomes seamless with OneTimePIM. Of course, we will help you set up your channels, teams and users to exactly your company's requirements as part of every package.


If your ecommerce store is built on Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce, OneTimePIM has custom-built connectors for these. This means your products and data can be inputted and updated on the PIM and automatically reflected on the website when you publish the data. This is useful if you have several stores for different markets/languages as connectors are done by 'channels'. If you do not use one of these ecommerce platforms, OneTimePIM will provide all the support necessary to link to your website.

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