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We know the benefits of Product Information Management for the business as a whole and if you don't, feel free to check out our "What is PIM?" page for more information. However, the benefits to the marketing department of implementing a PIM system are often overlooked. Data and IT teams have a strong business case for PIM, but hopefully, after reading this article, marketing managers will be pushing for it too!

Provides another Unique Selling Point (USP)

With many businesses so poor at managing their product information, managing it well could act as a unique selling point and provide more marketing opportunities. Customers love buying from companies that have detailed information about their products. This will act as a competitive advantage over your rivals if that is what you provide.

Transparency and safety for customers

Business is built on customers trusting a company to provide a good product. So, being transparent about all the details of your products is certain to enhance that trust and develop a relationship. Customers also need to know all the details of the product you are selling so they know how to use it safely.

Higher quality of media for products

Any good PIM system should have an integrated Digital Asset Management System (DAM). This means that potential customers will have access to several high-quality images or videos of the products. Being able to see the product and what it looks like will increase the chances of converting people to buyers.

Consistency of brand image and content across all platforms

Due to the fact that all the data is stored in one central system and then distributed to any platform, it is needed, the data and content will remain consistent. PIM systems eliminate the possibility of a mistake whereby one website claims one thing, while another website claims a different thing.

Easily expand into different markets/geographical regions

With all your data in one central location, it makes it simple to create a new channel for a different language. Simply translate the data on this new channel, and you're ready to launch in a different country. The same could be said for launching a new ecommerce platform. Simply select the information you want to be displayed on that platform from the Master channel and add it to the new channel.

Greater customer satisfaction

Rich, detailed and reliable product information will enhance the customer's product experience. Nicely laid out, accurate and easy-to-locate information will build the customer's trust in the business and encourage them to purchase from your site.

One single source of truth

When marketers are creating advertisements or developing SEO or keyword campaigns, it is extremely beneficial to have one single resource that they can go to for accurate and up-to-date data on the products. This is exactly what a PIM system provides.

Better use of resources

When marketers won't have to focus on developing different datasets for each website or gathering information from different locations for an advertisement, they can be more productive with their time. This means they can contribute to richer product information, write better descriptions and stories for the products, and focus on other marketing tasks to enhance the chance of capturing customers.

Better collaboration across departments

With all departments having access to the same data, it makes life easier for everyone. Communication and collaboration can be enhanced between other departments and the marketing department. For example, something won't be changed in one place and not be communicated to everyone else. This increases the productivity of each department and the whole business!

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