OneTimePIM is thrilled to announce the launch of our new and improved datasheet creator tool. With this innovative tool, users can produce dynamic datasheets that are tailored to their specific requirements and design preferences.

Features of the New DataSheet Tool

Our latest datasheet creator tool offers a variety of impressive features, including:

  • Dynamic Creation: Our datasheet creator tool is specifically designed to create dynamic datasheets based on product data referred to in the template. This enables users to create datasheets that are automatically populated with the most up-to-date information.

  • Multi-Product Comparison: The tool can compare multiple products simultaneously in a template. This enables users to easily compare and contrast different products to make well-informed purchasing decisions.

  • Integrated DAM: Our integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) system facilitates the easy addition of high-quality images to datasheets. Users can access a central repository of product images and other digital assets to enhance their datasheets.

  • Design Features: Our datasheet creator tool includes various design features that allow for table formatting, shape addition, font styling alteration, and other customisation options. This ensures that users can create datasheets that match their brand's aesthetic and design preferences.

Designer Objects

With these new features comes the new editor layout with several objects to populate your datasheets with.

The new objects are as follows:

Text Attribute

The object is connected directly to a text attribute within the PIM. Can be used for product descriptions, features, and any other attribute within your OneTimePIM account.

Image Attribute

Directly reference an image type attribute. Allows for images in your datasheet to change dynamically with each product the sheet is created for.


A static image that can be referenced directly from the OneTimePIM and will remain constant in the template design. A good use for this object would be a company/product logo or if the design is for a specific range of products you may have an image you would like to have across all created datasheets of this particular product.


A simple square/circle that can be changed in size and colour to go with your design. Can use it to create backgrounds/sections to add more colour/variety to your datasheet desired. Can also be used to create lines to separate areas in the datasheet.

Attribute Selections Table

Use this object to create a list of attributes for the product you are creating a datasheet. The attributes you choose for this table can range from the dimensional data of the product to having a table listing all of the product features. The tables have many styling options allowing you to edit the font, table style/colour, to change the layout to bullet-pointed values. Many styling options help you get the most out of these tables for your designs. The table will only show the attributes that a product has populated so you won’t end up with a plethora of empty rows of useless/irrelevant data.

Attribute Identifiers Table

This object is used as an alternative to the Relations Table. The object will create a table based on an attribute containing a list of comma-separated Product Identifiers

NEW - Attribute Grid Table

This object allows for a highly customised table where you can select the specific cells where attributes will appear within the table. This table allows for presenting your product data in highly customised layouts.

Variants Table

This table is useful when you have a product with different variants that you wish to compare to each other. You can choose to have only the attributes that show variance or any other combination of attributes to meet your needs. The table produced will have all variant products and the configurable product within the table unless a limit to the number of rows is set in the design.

Relations Table

These tables are used for showing products that have been assigned a relationship to another product. These relationships can be as descriptive or abstract as you need them to be. Some such relationships that are commonly used would be “Frequently Bought With”, “Accessories”, and “Similar Products” to name a few. The table will show the related product's SKU as well as a short description of the product to make it easier for a reader of the datasheet to find the referenced product.


This is the product SKU/Product code/Unique identifier for the product.


Input text that you don’t want to change from sheet to sheet and remain constant for every product that has data fed in from OneTimePIM. Can be used for titles, section headings, and labels.


Use this to display the time and date of the creation of the datasheet.

Tailored to Meet Client Needs

Our new datasheet creator tool allows for greater customisation options that were created to meet specific user needs. Here is an example datasheet we created using this editor, with highlights of the various objects used in each sheet:

Ansell Lighting:


By collaborating closely with our clients and incorporating their feedback, we have been able to use our datasheet creator tool to meet their design requirements and improve upon the existing object types as well as develop new objects as and when the need arises. The datasheet creator is an actively developed and improved tool.

Exporting Options

Once the datasheet has been created, it can be exported as a PDF file using an API that allows for on-the-fly datasheet creation. This ensures that users can share their datasheets effortlessly with colleagues or customers and can guarantee it will always have the most recent and accurate data possible.

The datasheets can be created using a generated URL that can be placed on your website and allow for a datasheet to be created saving the need to design and store a datasheet for every product you would want a datasheet for.


At OneTimePIM, we are committed to providing our clients with the finest tools and services to help them succeed. Our new datasheet creator tool is evidence of our dedication to innovation and customisation. We are excited to see how our clients will utilise this powerful tool to produce dynamic and persuasive datasheets.

If you are interested in learning more about our datasheet creator tool or any of our other PIM solutions, please do not hesitate to schedule a demo.