The challenges of eCommerce

With the growth of the eCommerce sector expected to continue over the next decade, it's only going to become a more competitive space. And it's already extremely competitive. Retailers are turning to tools to supercharge their stores. Tools allow businesses to stand out from their competition and crush them with their productivity.

With this internet shopping landscape in mind, integrating some of the biggest eCommerce platforms with OneTimePIM was an essential part of the software's development.

Product information is becoming more and more important for eCommerce stores that want to grow. Buyer expectations about the quality of product data they need to make a purchase are only going one way. With this in mind, the OneTimePIM system is perfectly placed to supercharge eCommerce sites.

In this article, we will explore how OneTimePIM connects with eCommerce platforms to provide a seamless boost to productivity and the quality of product information available.


Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento

It's fair to say Shopify, Woocommerce and Magento are the big 3 when it comes to eCommerce platforms. They cover 56% of the market, hosting over 68,000 websites between them. Woocommerce is the biggest of the bunch, covering over 34,000 all on its own.

Shopify and Woocommerce have done an excellent job at lowering the barriers to entry for eCommerce businesses. The flip side of that is historically companies have moved away from those providers when they get to a certain size. But in recent years they have become increasingly good at holding onto large retailers who have multi-million, even multi-billion pound turnovers.

Fitbit and GymShark are two world-famous companies still using Shopify to host their site. 

As a result, high-quality Connectors to these eCommerce platforms were an essential part of the OneTimePIM development.

How OneTimePIM supercharges your eCommerce

The OneTimePIM system uses clever API connectors to link with whatever eCommerce host you are using. That means the product information and images in the PIM can be synced up with all your sales channels. So any changes in the system are reflected across your eCommerce sites automatically.

The potential that this opens up for your eCommerce store is huge.

It means you no longer have to juggle product data in individual eCommerce platforms. It can all be managed in the PIM.

This saves you from handling pages of spreadsheets, as data is laid out clearly and simply. The management process becomes much faster, boosting company productivity. OneTimePIM's tools help remove errors and improve the quality of the product information, meaning you stand out in a crowded space.

The Connectors allow you to enjoy the extensive benefits of our Dynamic Image Management engine, which will reformat and resize your best-quality photos for any marketplace on the fly. What's more, the OneTimePIM system clearly lays out all the images for a product next to the data, making it far easier to organise.

Permission settings within the system give you complete control over who in the company can make changes to the data, and crucially, publish it to your live eCommerce site. There's also an activity log so you can track who has made changes to the data.

The benefits of managing your product information within the PIM system are endless. OneTimePIM is designed for this type of data, unlike eCommerce platforms which are exceptional at being eCommerce platforms, but not great with data.

Get the best of both worlds, an extremely high-quality Shopify, Woocommerce, or Magento front end, with a best-in-class PIM system driving it from the back end. This system will be full of exceptionally high-quality data and images, leaving you head and shoulders above the competition. Enjoy both systems working seamlessly together through the power of our API Connectors.