How to sort products in Magento

Sorting products into categories is relatively straightforward when you know how you want the products to be ordered. You can use categories to separate products for various attributes. For example, you might want a category for items under a certain price range, or items that fit a common identifier such as “Electronics” or “Clothing”.

When creating a category, you can manually add products. However, this process can take a while if you have large numbers of products to organise - as seen from the image below!

Untitled (36).png

You can also create multiple categories. The biggest task is adding products and configuring the category settings to your needs.

Untitled (37).png


What is sort order in Magento?

Sort order is the order in which products appear on a store page in Magento. You can organise products in order of when they were added to the product list, the cost of the products, or their alphabetical ordering. You can also manually set the order of products through the Categories menu by selecting a category in the tree and going to the “Products in Category” tab. Here you can manually set the position of a product.

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If you want certain products to be more visible to customers, you will need to consider having them higher up in the ordering. You may also have new products added to your store on a regular basis and want to ensure they are the first products seen by visitors to your store.

How to change category order in Magento

Changing the category order in Magento is very simple: you drag and drop each category to a separate section of the category tree to organise it however you like.

These pictures show how you can drag the category called ‘Sub Category’ from second to first.

1. Select

Untitled (39).png

2. Drag

Untitled (40).png

3. Drop

Untitled (41).png


How do I delete a category in Magento?

Deleting categories is a simple process. Just make sure you have the correct category selected and press “Delete” in the top right corner of the screen.

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