Over the past few months, we have introduced some great new features, and have many more in the pipeline. However, we have introduced a host of smaller features and quality-of-life changes that don't quite deserve their own page. So, we thought we'd update you about all of them here instead!

Attributes can now be added to all Families or removed from all Families (within the list view and when creating an attribute)

Computed Attributes can now have family-specific formulas

Untitled (4).png

Ability to change the attribute being looked at in the list view

Untitled (5).png

You can change the order of variants within the PIM to reflect on Shopify and Woocommerce

Media Tags can now be created from the Media Manager as opposed to the Configuration Menu

Untitled (6).png

Added a refresh button on the Product Details screen which allows you to refresh the page when a formula has changed some values

Computed attributes now allow URLs to be created for Web or PDF Designs using functions WebDesignURL(<Design ID>) and PDFDesignURL(<Design ID>). Web and PDF Designs now have the option to be made publicly available.

If you would like some more information about these or any of our other great features, feel free to book a demo!