Unlimited Channels

Our channels feature means you can store the same SKU in a variety of ways. You can lock some data to the 'Master' Channel, like Length or Width. However, you can vary some of the data like descriptions for different languages or for different marketplaces. This is far more flexible than Shopify and reinforces the idea of separating your data from your ecommerce marketplace.

Digital Asset Mananement

OneTimePIM has a built-in Digital Asset Management System (DAM) that stores all of the files associated with your products alongside your product information. This is powerful because it allows for far easier management of your media, and you can view the images for each product in our unique gallery view.

Consistency of Data

With the validation rules OneTimePIM allows you to set up, as well as the ease of managing your data in our powerful PIM system, it means that your data will remain consistent across all of your points of distribution. This means your social media marketing can refer to the same accurate, consistent, and up-to-date data as displayed on your Shopify store or other websites.

Product Variants

OneTimePIM has a great system of variants whereby you create a configurable (parent) product and then create variants of that. You can lock attribute values to the parent product, for example, a chair may vary by colour only. You would lock every other attribute (height, width, etc) to the parent product, then create variants for each colour. This makes creating variants easy and handles it within the PIM which can then be connected to Shopify.

Permission settings

Permission settings allow you to dictate which users can edit which parts of the data, and crucially, who can publish modifications to product data so that they are updated automatically on Shopify. Your business may have an ecommerce manager or marketing director who wishes to double-check any changes to product data before publishing them, and the permissions settings offer the flexibility to do that.

Of course, our custom-built Connectors to Shopify!

We have a custom-built Shopify connector that allows you to publish your data directly from the PIM to Shopify via their APIs. However, where it differs is being able to check the data against itself to only update the differences. This speeds up the process massively and allows for seamless integration with Shopify on a schedule that suits your needs.

To read more about our Shopify connectors feel free to read more here!