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Electrium is a leading electrical group based in the UK, featuring a host of established brands including Crabtree, Wylex and Volex. Electrium offers a range of LV installation products both in the UK and internationally.


Due to the size of Electrium's operation, delivering product data in a consistent manner across all six brands was a challenge. Changes to such a large product offering are frequent, and this needed to be reflected in the data provided to customers via their website.

Our Role

OneTime product management tools allowed Electrium to develop a workflow that quickly allowed for amendments across their complete product offering. Since all six brands were to be managed centrally within OneTime, the process for instigating change was the same, which was important in achieving the consistency desired.


Electrium are able to keep customers up to date with the latest product changes and updates, across all brands, via their website. They are also able to provide the same data to other portals such as Electrika and Voltimum.

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