JCC Lighting Case Study

JCC has been a leader in the development of cutting-edge LED lighting technology for over 20 years. Based in Bognor Regis, JCC  is part of the larger Leviton group operating in over 80 countries and with a portfolio of more than 25,000 products.


Like most manufacturers, JCC has an ever-growing portfolio of products with a myriad of product information, images and other assets.  Making sure product data was consistent across the whole organisation was becoming increasingly difficult.

Our Role

With a wealth of experience in product information management within the electrical manufacturing sector, OneTimePIM was best placed to help.  After an initial consultation it was clear the following actions were required:


  • Extraction of data from original source
  • Consolidating and standardisation of collected data
  • Mapping of images and documents to products
  • Creation of a robust update and export process


Electrika not only provided JCC with a centralised product database of its products we also connected their website to our datasheet generation live API meaning its customers can be assured of the accuracy of their datasheets.


OneTimePIM now gives JCC the power to manage and export their data and images to meet almost any requirement from their customers.


“Being introduced to OneTimePIM was a real blessing for us. We knew we had a good set of parts data but it just wasn’t organised in a way which made it useful. If we needed to access specific reports or sets of data it was a lengthy, manual process, often prone to errors. Now we can manipulate the data as needed to meet the needs of everyone concerned.”  - Rodney Simmons, Technical Communications Manager at JCC Lighting